Paint Protective Film (PPF) being applied to a vehicle. Premium paint protection on a ferrari.

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About our premium Paint pRotection.

Welcome to Blue Chip Paint Protection Film facility, the cornerstone of our luxury automotive care. At Blue Chip, we pride ourselves on offering industry-leading paint protection film tailored specifically for exotic car owners like you, with a goal on improving your driving experience. Often referred to as "PPF", it's designed to safeguard your vehicle's high-impact areas and maintain it's flawless appearance. Our team of expert technicians and artisans utilize top-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous craftsmanship to safeguard your vehicle, and your investment, from chips, scratches, and other environmental damages while elevating it's appearance to perfection. Blue Chip's PPF packages, backed by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty, ensures comprehensive coverage and allows you to drive with confidence. Utilizing a transparent and durable topcoat to eliminate swirl marks and scratches, as well as maintaining the natural color of the paintwork perfectly, we ensure that your vehicle's finish is left indistinguishable from its original factory paint.

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PPF Being applied to a green vehicle. PPF. Premium paint protection.

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packages we offer

PPF paint protection Front Package. Protect your Porsche

Full Front

The Full Front Package protects the full front end of the vehicle. This fit allows for a clean installation with no break line across the hood or fenders.

Coverage Includes:

  • Front bumper
  • Fenders
  • Full A-Pillars
  • Full hood
  • Mirrors
  • Headlights
  • Partial Roof
PPF paint protection Drivers Package. Protect your Porsche

Driver's Package

This package is designed based on high-impact zones of the vehicle that are more exposed to damage. We recommend this package to any daily driven vehicle.

Coverage Includes:

  • Full Front package
  • Side Skirts
  • Full Roof
  • Rockers
  • Partial Rear Wheel Impact Areas
PPF paint protection Full Package. Protect your Porsche

Full Package

The Full Package offers comprehensive coverage for all painted areas, ensuring your vehicle remains unaffected by road debris and daily wear, delivering the ultimate in carefree driving.

Coverage Includes:

  • Every Exterior Painted Surface

From protecting individual panels to offering full-vehicle wraps and window tinting, our skilled technicians can shield any surface of your car. This includes full front bumper, hood, front fenders, as well as for the ultimate paint protection, a full-vehicle wrap. Our clear bra technology offers long-term defense against environmental contaminants, chemical staining, and UV damage; enhancing your vehicle's appearance with intense gloss, while also simplifying maintenance for a more enjoyable driving experience. Whether you're driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, or any other exotic marque, trust Blue Chip for unparalleled paint protection that keeps your vehicle looking pristine for years to come, ensuring long-lasting resilience and maintaining its resale value.

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