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About our ceramic coating.

Experience unparalleled gloss and protection with our ceramic coating solutions. Blue Chip's advanced ceramic coatings create a durable barrier that enhances your car's appearance, repels dirt and contaminants, protects from harmful UV rays, and makes maintenance a breeze. Each of our team members are true artists, applying coatings by hand ensuring every surface of your luxury vehicle is protected with care and precision. Starting with a complete decontamination and multi-stage paint correction process to prepare the paint and correct light to medium paint defects, we then apply a hydrophobic ceramic coating material, helping create a repellent surface, keeping your car cleaner for longer and maintaining it's showroom shine.

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Ceramic coating. High quality ceramic coating.

unparalleled protection.
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At Blue Chip, we're intimately familiar with the challenges Denver's weather poses to your vehicle. From the relentless UV rays to sudden temperature shifts, these elements can gradually diminish your car's quality over time. That's why we offer a solution: our cutting-edge ceramic coating. Engineered for long-lasting hydrophobic protection, our ceramic coating is meticulously designed to safeguard and enhance every surface of your vehicle, from paint and PPF to wheels, calipers, glass, plastics, and upholstery. By bonding on a molecular level, our ceramic coating forms an impenetrable barrier, shielding your vehicle from environmental contaminates, harmful UV rays, and corrosive insect acids. Plus, it provides resistance against light scratches and fading, ensuring your vehicle maintains it's pristine appearance despite the elements.

Experience unrivaled protection and aesthetic enhancement with Blue Chip's ceramic coating – because your vehicle deserves nothing less than perfection.


Jade graphene is an extremely hard, nano crystalline ceramic coating that protects your vehicle's paint from weather, UV rays, and chemicals, also repelling water and grime. It is a 10H on the hardness scale, the highest possible rating, offering 5 years of protection.

Why Ceramic Coatings Excel Beyond Wax

Unlike wax, ceramic coatings bond for years, withstand UV and pollutants, and repel dirt to keep vehicles looking pristine. They provide a durable barrier that reduces the need for frequent washes, ensuring your vehicle's finish remains vibrant and protected.

Scratch Resistance and Lifespan of Ceramic Coatings

While not completely scratch-proof, ceramic coatings offer enhanced surface hardness, reducing the risk of minor scratches and maintaining the vehicle's appearance. Their durability varies based on enviornmental exposure and maintenance but consistently outlasts other protective options.

Book Your Ceramic Coating in Denver

Elevate your vehicle's protection and appearance with our ceramic coating packages. Visit Blue Chip's Denver facility for expert application and enjoy lasting beauty and protection from your vehicle.

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